Design Center

We offer total solutions for your color requirements, devising them based on the relationships between people, things, and events.

Business overview

Total design that activates co-creation

Total solutions for color requirements, based on an understanding of the state of things in society and people’s ways of thinking, will make things happen. Placing such solutions at the core, the Design Center creates paint designs from every conceivable perspective. Drawing on its expertise built through collaboration with the company’s paints & coatings business, the center develops designs into a tangible form, keeping CMF trends carefully in mind. It develops and proposes colors and aesthetic designs using a suitable paint and coating design for customer products. The Design Center offers paint/coating designs and coating systems that are in line with the characteristics of customer products. Customers can rely on its consulting services, including aesthetic design research and suggestions for a total solution to meet the customer’s color requirements.

CMF design
Color (paint/coating), material, and finish (coating) design (surface aesthetics)
The Design Center even considers texture trends to develop aesthetic designs involving materials and coating.
The center proposes colors and surface aesthetics suitable for the materials and uses of customer products, with paint/coating designs and coating systems in mind.

Total design that activates co-creation
Color design consulting process

We provide color consulting services from the perspective of total coordination and branding, rather than working out color designs for individual customer products. We collect and analyze color designs from various areas while keeping fast-changing lifestyles, consumer trends, and social trends in mind. Our networks of coloring experts in a wide range of fields are utilized to provide elaborate services, ranging from coating color expressions desired by our customers to tailor-made total color proposals.

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Promotion
1Information gathering/analysis

In the world, people’s lifestyles constantly change, as does the social climate. Accordingly, people’s needs change, entailing changes in design and color.
Therefore, we collect and analyze design information from various sectors, focusing attention on color while keeping consumer and social trends in mind.


We suggest the direction for color development based on color information analysis results.
We take different approaches according to the request of the client (design/engineering/sales).

3Color design

We render colors and create ideas based on the concept from the preceding step.
We design colors while considering the color designing and variations of the commodity product.

4Color creation

Specifying the rendered colors as paint/coating colors, our color creation engineer realizes them. We develop coating colors while considering product feasibility, closely examining coating specifications and pigments in collaboration with the engineer. To communicate the colors to the engineer, we use various samples, such as color chips and CG.


We propose aesthetic designs for building materials, household electric appliances, interior items, and more.
We suggest specific colors for individual markets and commodity products, responding to customer requests.


Our color proposals may in some cases be additionally corrected or complemented by an additional proposal after an evaluation and review process.
The color design consulting process is repeated multiple times to produce better final colors.

Design activities
[ Support ]

We conduct design and trend research on an ongoing basis concerning people’s overall lifestyles, as well as design research required by individual customers. We sophisticate and improve our proposal-generating capabilities through our original research activities.

[ Advantages ]

Using our wealth of knowledge built through our experience, we are engaged in an extensive range of activities, including color design consultation, color education, and academic/industrial association activities. Drawing on the synergetic effects of these activities and design proposal activities, we aim to become a leading company in color.