Equipment engineering

Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings is the only paint and coating manufacturer in Japan that operates an equipment business. It proposes comprehensive solutions until final paint films are achieved.

Business overview

Optimal design available only from paint and coating manufacturer

Our strength lies in that we can provide comprehensive suggestion and coordination services for coating, from chemicals to paints and coatings to equipment design.
The equipment engineering division works on design development, addressing, in a comprehensive manner, issues that coating lines need to solve, such as quality, cost, and environment.
We aim at optimal design that draws the best out of coating materials in a way only possible by a paint and coating manufacturer. To solve various challenges that the coating line faces, we respond to customer needs in an integrated manner encompassing chemicals, paints, coatings, and equipment.

One-stop solution

It is common that the coating line consults plural specialized manufacturers with differing points of view. They range widely. For example, chemical manufacturers and paint and coating manufacturers are involved in materials, while coating machine, conveyor, and wastewater treatment manufacturers provide equipment-related services. Consequently, when a problem occurs associated with the overall coating line, it is often the case that coordinating their respective opinions is difficult.
We have an environment where, in devising solutions to various problems experienced on coating lines, specialists with chemical and paint and coating technologies of the Nippon Paint Holdings Group intimately share information with our equipment engineering division and mutually provide their expert knowledge.
Drawing on this strength, we help our customers tackle various problems and arrive at solutions simply with the need to use no more than one contact (one stop service).

One-stop solution

Introduction to problem-solving technologies

Our proven track record

In its more than 50 years of history, our coating equipment business has achieved more than 800 new line installation projects.
In recent years, we have ventured into overseas markets, providing our services in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and have been striving to expand our operation in overseas markets expected to grow increasingly in the future.
We are committed to being the best partner for our customers, providing services such as optimal line design taking materials to paint films into consideration and timely responses for line operation that ensures stable quality.

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