General industrial coatings business

We specialize in industrial coatings applied to metal products, spanning mechanical parts, building materials, construction machinery, rail cars, and more. We offer solvent base paints, water base paints, powder paints, and electrodeposition paints, serving almost all manufacturers working on the production of metal products.

Business overview

About our business areas

Providing products and solutions to support diverse industries

We have built an extensive range of expertise by deepening our understanding of diverse industrial sectors and responding to customer-specific needs. Our services are to add value to a wide range of products of our customers, including electric products, industrial machinery, rail cars, steel furniture, and building materials, by proposing paints and coatings and coating processes suitable for specific purposes, from primer coats to topcoats. As a manufacturer specializing in industrial coatings, Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings plays the role of supporting the manufacturing industry, which is the backbone of Japan’s economy.

Providing products and solutions to support diverse industries

Our strengths

(1) Support for a broad range of manufacturing industries, from parts to finished products
As a paint and coating supplier, we continue to offer support for diverse manufacturing industries, from parts to finished products.
(2) A full line-up of products, from customized to general-purpose items
We provide B-to-B services, offering customized items tailored to meet different needs of different customers. We also provide a wide range of general-purpose products.
(3) Solutions proposal to many different industrial needs
Customers have completely different coating needs depending on their products. We are continually improving our ability to provide solutions, including those concerning paint film quality and color and design.
Providing products and solutions to support diverse industries
Environmental friendly products
Leading the industry in terms of environmental aspects as well

We are environmentally conscious in producing items in terms of both paints/coatings and the coating process, including water base paints, powder paints, and electrodeposition paints, to comply with the RoHS directive and various other regulations.

Water base paints
Our water base paints have improved in long-term durability, overcoming the traditional disadvantage water base paints, such as weatherability, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance. Moreover, these paints offer the same level of paint film appearance as conventional solvent base paints.
Powder paints
Powder paints have been proven as being eco-friendly because they contain no organic solvents and reduce industrial waste. They are generally known to form thick paint films. We have made it possible to achieve thin, even, and great appearance paint films using powder paints.
Electrodeposition paints
We were the first in the industry to deliver energy-saving electrodeposition paints, eliminating the constant circulation with a pump in the paint bath. We actively address challenges, foreseeing trends ahead of time.

Future possibilities

Customer relationships built on trust

Our industrial coatings business started in the early 20th century. With more than 100 years of industrial history, we have advanced and expanded our paints & coatings business while establishing relationships built on mutual trust with our customers along with their business developments. We intend to contribute to the manufacturing industry in the area of industrial coatings based on our experience and track record as we have done before.

Customer relationships built on trust

Various coating processes

Spray coating (solvent base/powder) and electrodeposition

Industrial coatings applied indoors are finished basically by spray coating. Our industrial coating business provides coating in three processes: common spray coating; powder coating by electrostatic spray method; and electrodeposition coating, using an electric characteristics.